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IBM: Data mining and software portfolio
Market development

"At the inception of Big Data and e-business, we collaborated at IBM.

#六served as a product manager, focused on expanding the market for IBM software. I greatly admired his aptitude for rapidly acquiring new skills and his commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry developments. He consistently demonstrated his diligence and resilience in his work ethic, earning my admiration."

Shell Retail:
Consumer Loyalty Program and data based marketing

"We worked together to develop the consumer loyalty programs of Shell Retail. #六worked hard to improve Shell's systems and processes. He persuaded most European marketing leaders to use new tools and processes he co-developed within an expert team.
He also worked on a large scale simplification and outsourcing project reducing costs and standardising
I liked his presearvence and great sense of humor! "

Rebranding, Online Marketing and Culture change

"#managed a culture change project to improve customer focus within the organisation. #also supported the complete re-branding of the company including online and 15 physical locations, signage, branding and mindset.

Another key contribution was the support during the largest M&A project on the buying side throughout the deal negotiation.

Flow Alapítvány:
Digital Disruption: Online Marketing and Online events

We worked together at the worst periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. #contributed to take the online marketing to a new level. We have launched the online versions of physical events, free trainings for everyone called "Street Training". #六  supported the digital disruption process despite the challenging external situtation.

Budapest School:
Education StartuP with individualized curriculums,
Growth Mindset and Sociocracy in action

"We worked together on launching a new network of schools.
#六 worked on the online marketing of the whole network, launched two locations and practiced agile and sociocratic organisational development practices with several teams. He also  supported involving the first investors. I liked his analytical and practical approach and his sense of humor! He was hands on to get things done."

Bátor Tábor alapítvány:
helping families impacted by cancer by camp programs,
new ways of fundraising
and reorganisation

#六  helped to provide life changing experience to families impacted by cancer. Growth mindset and resilience at its bests. #六  managed the organisation for 5 years and doubled its capacity, improved fundraising and donor engagement programs. Also reorganized the team successfully.

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