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AI and its potential impact on leadership is fascinating. Can AI help leadership? See five application examples to use AI and become a future proof leader. Read more how AI can help leadership.

Challanges of hybrid work

Most organizations changed to remote work and now hybrid work became the norm. It certainly has its benefits for employees, there are also challenges organizations should put under the magnifying glass. Read more about how to manage the challenges of hybrid work.

Provide effective feedback that drives positive change

Giving feedback as a leader is challenging. You might not agree with your team member on her performance which is often overrated by those being assessed. Giving negative feedback is too often not helping either, see its impact on motivation. Read more about providing effective feedback that drives positive change.

Culture change in a telecom company supported by ONA

A company's organizational culture can take many forms. Observing the strengths of relationships, communication within teams, how decisions are made, the level of individualism and how team members relate to change can tell a lot of insights about company culture. Read more how ONA supported culture change in a telecom company.

How to reduce stress and prevent burnout through self-care

We all know that the hybrid workplace can be a stressful environment. Whether it’s juggling deadlines, managing a team, or trying to cope with the communications challange, stress and long term even burnout is a real concern. Here are some tips to reduce stress and prevent burnout in the hybrid workplace.

Exploring the Benefits of Organizational Network Analysis
in Canada

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a powerful tool for modern businesses, allowing leaders to develop a deeper understanding of their organization's structure and dynamics. By mapping the relationships between employees and how they communicate and collaborate, ONA enables organizations to optimize their operations and achieve their strategic goals. This article examines ONA in more detail, focusing on its key components and the unique benefits.

How to Develop Resilient Leadership to Prevent Burnout?

Do you feel like you're constantly running on empty? Do the pressures of leadership weigh heavily on you? Maybe it's time to take a step back and focus on developing your resilience to prevent burnout.
In this article, we'll explore the key traits of resilient leaders, how to identify the signs of burnout, and strategies for building personal and team resilience.

Digital Champions Program AT a Financial Consulting Firm using ONA

The goal was to transform the company into a digital enterprise that reacts to the changing needs of customers by effective delivery of services and automated processes. This required not only new competencies and skills from people, but a new mindset on digital innovation. Read in this article how ONA helped digital transformation at a financial consulting firm.